About Us


Vibrant Performance is a division of Vibrant Power Inc., a wholly owned Canadian company established in 1985.

Vibrant Power Inc. is a global leader in the design and production of exhaust and vibration control components and assemblies, serving the Automotive and Transportation industries as well as numerous sectors of the Heavy Industrial market. Since 1985, Vibrant has been supplying our products and engineering services to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and Aftermarket companies located in more than 50 countries.

Vibrant Power’s most notable achievement has been the development of the aftermarket Automotive Flexible Coupling. In 1986, we recognized the need for an aftermarket solution to the problem of OE flexible couplings that were failing after several years of service on vehicles equipped with transverse mounted engines. As a result, Vibrant became the first company to introduce a universal automotive flexible coupling to the North American aftermarket, and later to the international aftermarket. Generally regarded as one of the more critical exhaust components in front wheel drive vehicles, Vibrant has become a key supplier of these products to leading aftermarket exhaust manufacturers worldwide. Over the past 20 years, Vibrant has been the leader in this segment of the automotive exhaust aftermarket and we continue to set the standard with the development of new designs to serve the needs of a constantly evolving market.


Vibrant Performance was established in 1997 to design and produce Exhaust and Induction components for the Sport Compact performance market, which, at the time, was a small but rapidly emerging segment of the high performance aftermarket. Since that time, this market has exploded, becoming a global phenomenon in the process and we are proud to have been part of this growth in North America and around the world.

Over the years, our product offering has become substantially more diversified which has now positioned us as the leader of professional fabrication components. We cater to many segments in the performance aftermarket, so If you are looking to improve the performance of your vehicle, whether it be a Race Car, a Hot Rod, a Muscle Car, a Sport Compact, a Truck or even a Motorcycle, our collection of fabrication components will assist in all of your turbo, fluid delivery, exhaust or any other general fabrication work that is needed for your project.

Our mission is to continuously identify, develop and produce the type of high quality products that are in demand by leading industry professionals and their customers. Our product development and marketing teams are 100% committed to the continuous evolution of our product line in order to stay ahead of the ever-changing needs of the industry and the customers we serve.


Commitment to the Channel

Vibrant Performance is committed to the channel, and our trusted Warehouse Distribution partners are the catalyst to why we are rated as one of the most trusted, and profitable brands in the industry. With our collection of over 3000 SKUs, it is the responsibility of our distribution partners to hold vast amounts of inventory so that our shop and retail supporters can buy Vibrant as they need it. It is this convenience that makes our brand one that is easy to buy, and use throughout all of your varying projects and builds.

Private Label Solutions

In addition to being committed to the channel, Vibrant Performance can act as your one stop shop supply chain solution, and we can solve that manufacturing need that you are looking for.

Email us at sales@vibrantperformance.com if you wish to learn more about our private label services

Large Volume Projects

Vibrant Power Inc., the corporate arm of Vibrant Performance has supplied key intake and exhaust components to original equipment manufacturers in over 50 countries. These partnerships are built on the timely, and reliable supply of high-quality products. Should you ever have the need for items in volume, we invite you to inquire about our related programs and to also learn how you can benefit from a strategic partnership with Vibrant Power Inc.

To learn more about how we can help you gain access to our large volume services, email us today at sales@vibrantperformance.com


As the leader in the professional fabrications components space, Vibrant Performance is committed in using the best available components, materials and latest technologies that ensure the highest levels of performance, endurance, and product excellence. As an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company, we are confident in our ability to perform, and back it up with a strong warranty program.


In-House Design

Our in-house technical staff is committed in the design, research, and creativity to ensure quality, performance, and industry leading products.

Cutting Edge Tools

The necessary state of the art modeling tools such as rapid prototyping 3D printers, FARO Arm, 3D laser scanners, and the most advance modelling software available play part to our commitment to deliver quality, superb fitment, and long term product consistency.


Our rigorous in-house product testing processes are the key in ensuring that all Vibrant Performance products function as advertised when out in the field of high performance.


We serve a global customer base and as such, have global manufacturing bases to service all of our customers in the most efficient way possible. No matter where we produce our parts, our product development team here in Canada establishes all the design and quality criteria, from selecting the raw material, to designing tooling and check fixtures and the setting of mandatory tolerances.