Cars and Coffee with Pit+Paddock

2021 Nov 20th

Cars and Coffee with Pit+Paddock

After almost two years of lockdowns, social distancing and being confined to the Great White North, the team at Vibrant Performance have been revving to get back on the ground, into the action and making industry connections again. At the beginning of November, we broke our dry spell and finally touched down in Las Vegas for SEMA 2021. Being at SEMA reminded us of how much we missed the face-to-face connections that we make with our industry partners and customers. We were stoked to keep the flow going after SEMA by teaming up with Pit + Paddock to co-host the first annual Pit + Paddock x Vibrant Performance Cars and Coffee event in Los Angeles. The event showcased many of the best builds from SEMA 2021, giving Southern California a taste of the renowned show.

The event was held on Saturday November 20th 2021 at the Brekkie Car Club, just north of Downtown Los Angeles and ran from 9 am to noon.  The event featured an exclusive latte topped with Coco Puffs (yes, Coco Puffs; yes, they were delicious) served in branded Pit + Paddock x Vibrant Performance Cups. In addition, The Brekkie Club cooked up a full hot breakfast, including muffins and croissants, keeping us happy and full. We could not be more thankful for their incredible hospitality and their integral part in the success of this event!  

The sunny Saturday morning brought a large number of visitors, and by shortly after 9am, the parking lot at Brekkies was full – leaving an overflow of decked out, SEMA ready performance cars to park on the nearby Ripple Street.

The event brought together many high-profile cars, featured at SEMA in past years. Including:

@Riley_RSMotorsports White Trans Am (our 2019 SEMA Booth Car!) that never fails to impress.

@peterchrisikopoulos Purple Nissan S13 with 2J Swap. Peter drove the 3,600 km from Brampton, ON to Las Vegas, NV for SEMA and stuck around for our event. We love to see the local Canadian representation showing up and showing off in the States.  

@chucklesgarage Smokey F1, a fan favourite that holds the current Pike’s Peak Diesel Class Record.

Smaller, more intimate events such as Cars + Coffee are some of our favourites to attend (and host!) as they give us the opportunity to interact with our customers and our sponsors. Almost every car in attendance sported Vibrant Components, allowing us to see firsthand how our customers use our products and how our customers ultimately make these products their own. The artistry shown in these builds is like no other, and the creativity shown by our customers inspires us to keep making high quality products that translate easily for our customers in their builds.

Overall, our first annual Cars + Coffee Event was beyond successful. We could not be more thankful to all those involved in making the day such a hit and all those that showed up and showed love to Team Vibrant. We cannot wait to see what 2022 brings!